Dental X-Rays

Why do I need x-rays?
We use x-rays to:

  • Check for cavities between teeth, under old fillings and around crowns
  • Check the bone support around teeth and evaluate gum disease.
  • Look for infections/ abscesses around the roots of teeth
  • Evaluate wisdom teeth
  • Check for cysts, tumors and abnormalities of the teeth and jaws

Without x-rays on a routine basis, we can not properly evaluate your teeth. This could allow your problems to get larger and more expensive.
Dental x-rays are simple and very useful. Many patients are concerned about radiation exposure. We understand this concern. Check out the chart below to see how dental x-rays compare.

Max. recommended yearly dosage for Radiation Workers 5000 millirem
Mammography (breast exam) 1000 millirem
Abdominal x-ray 147 millirem
Upper leg x-ray 21 millirem
Dental Full Mouth Series (16 x-rays) 9 millirem
Dental Panoramic x-ray 1 millirem
Dental bitewing x-ray ½ millirem
Coast to Coast flight 4 millirem

You would need 2000 dental x-rays to equal the radiation from 1 mammogram or 10,000 dental x-rays to reach your yearly maximum dosage! Throughout your day you generally receive 3 bitewing x-rays worth of radiation (1.5 millirem). When you weigh this against all the conditions seen on a dental x-ray (cavities, periodontal disease, infections, cysts, cancer) it seems like a fair tradeoff.

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