Complete Dentures
Dentures are tooth replacements for patients who have lost their teeth due to decay or gum disease. Other patients may already have dentures and need them re-fit or re-made.

Missing all of your teeth can create social as well as professional difficulties. The absence of teeth can affect speech and chewing.

We make our dentures based on your specifications. You help pick the shape, shade and arrangement of the teeth. Some patients even bring in old photos to show us what their teeth used to look like. This allows the patient to participate in the treatment and get the look they want.

Dentures are removable, meaning just that, THEY MOVE! Most patients tolerate this very well, but some patients require more stability and retention. The answer to this problem is dental implants. We can create a much more solid denture by locking them in with Dental Implants.

Already have dentures, but they won’t stay?
Wouldn’t it feel great to not have to worry about your denture coming out? Do you hate the taste and feel of denture cream? Implants can be made to fit your existing denture, in most cases. Click here to find out more about Dental Implants.

Partial dentures
Partial dentures are removable, just like full dentures. Partials replace missing teeth and clasp (grip) the existing teeth for stability. Partials can be used where fixed bridges are not possible. Partials are supported by the existing teeth and gum tissues. They can be made to blend with your teeth and gums or supported by implants.

Newer, non-metal partials can be designed to be invisible, so no one knows you are wearing one.

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